Monday, December 30, 2013

How to create an office2013 app

Hey guys this is my first blog about Office app development...
It is very simple to create an office app.
You need a little knowledge on
2. CSS
3.JavaScript API -

Requirements :
1. Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2012 with Office Tools.

Steps :

  1. Start your VS.
  2. Click "New Project". Then and you will find "apps for office 2013". Click it.
  3. Give a name for your app and then click create.And now you are asked for which type of Office application you are going to built your app. Choose your preferred one.
  4. Now click Finish. Your project windows will be loaded.
  5. Now you have three files, where you need to code.                                                                                      1. Home.css            - Design for the buttons etc.                                                                                2.Home.html           -  HTML file                                                                                                        3.Home.js               - This is where you write the coding, a javascript file.
  6. Now if you run the app, you will find the app running. This app shows what text you have selected in the excel/word.

  7. Thats it. Refer new javascript API for Office13.
  8. Thats it.

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